Tuesday, 31 July 2012

No way out David Kessler

Described as "perfect for fans of John Grisham and Jeff Abbott" this one was bound to appeal to me. I like the level of detail in a Grisham book.
This one is a legal thriller based in the US with a TV talk show host accused of rape as the central character.
Fortunately the talkshow host has the telephone number of a defence lawyer to hand.
As an old friend the lawyer already knows the history of his client, not all of it good and is forewarned before agreeing to take the case. Coutroom arguments are given in such a way for the reader to appreciate fully the acting capabilities of the legal system with raised eyebrows, sympathetic faces and the manipulation of the jury by manner alone.
With a two way contribution to the case by the defence lawyer and a lawyer from the insurance company with differing styles the case is the most interesting part of  the book.
Kessler provides enough twists and turns to make the book enjoyable but not enough to make it unguessable unfortunately, meaning that I had to read the last 100 or so pages simpy to check that I had the outcome correct.
The decider- would I read another by the same author? If it was already on the shelf and there wasn't a Grisham on the same shelf then yes.

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