Friday, 21 February 2014

Flight Behaviour - Barbara Kingsolver

Form one of my favourite authors, this one has languished on my shelf since it first came out as a hardback.
With my 2014 resolution of reading as many books that I already have as possible by putting all the titles in a jar and then reading randomly it has finally surfaced.
It's one of those that hides it's light on the shelf rather than screaming read me, buried treasure.
Kingsolver describes brilliantly the myriad ways that poverty affects families as well as the crass stupidity of those that have no concept of what it's like.
That doesn't mean it's a sad book, it's not. She has a great sense of humour and paints out her scenes so that they remain with you for years afterwards still raising a smile.
Ranging from entire conversations when you find yourself wondering when the dimwit will realise to spot on one liners.
The book revolves around a woman trying to come to terms with the life she has, wondering what might have been. Her husband is trying his best to be the man she wants while being totally unable to be romantic. She knows he could be seen as a catch but not necessarily for her.
Add in a relationship with her mother-in-law that is understated and perfect as far as an unusual mother can be and you have a great book.
It's actually about butterflies and global warming. You'll get to learn a fair bit about ecosystems, lots about butterflies, a tidy amount about the difficulties scientists have putting their point across and some about lambing.
Another dont't miss Kingsolver.
That reminds me......The Poisonwood Bible is lurking somewhere as well.....

For the Friday 56 Freda's Voice

"black-orange flakes that made her blink, and they merged in a chaotic blur in the distance"

"for years she'd crouched on a corner of this farm without really treading into Turnbow family territory, and now here she stood, dead on it's center."


  1. I loved The Poisonwood Bible, but I haven't read this one yet. It sounds interesting, especially the environmental science in it.

    GREAT idea about how to read books sitting on your shelf. I have the most unread books on my shelf that I've ever had, and it's ridiculous! I'm trying very hard not to buy any new books, and only checking out books from the library until I read the unread books I own.

    I'm going to find a jar this afternoon!

    Thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday!


  2. …back for Friday 56~
    Very compelling. It has my attention, and I'm really wondering about the flakes!

    Linking from Freda's Voice,

  3. Can't help but be intrigued!! Wonder if it's flames that are making the flakes... I can't think of what else would.

    Happy weekend!