Monday, 28 April 2014

Scarthin Books Cromford

It's impossible for me to head north up this side of the country without planning a stop at Scarthin Books in Cromford. So a stopover was arranged at Stone Lodge Bed and breakfast in Matlock.
From wandering up the slope to see the quirky exterior of Scarthins the adventures begin.
A quick check to see that the restaurant is open for the book browse/buy interval and we're off.
First stop a look in the children's section, stuffed to the brim and I didn't bring my extremely tall Dad with me to get the voucher. Do they move the bar up an inch every time someone claims it?

Then a wander up the stairs past the house on the window to have a search around the new age section. Apparently that's where a book on town regeneration would be found. Who knew?
No luck finding the book so it's downstairs for very healthy lunch...
In a fantastic cafe
Before finishing up with book purchases. If you're going here don't worry too much  about planning to 'nip in' it's the nipping out again that presents a problem!

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