Friday, 3 August 2012

Fallen Karin Slaughter
For a prolific author Karin Slaughter shows no signs of resting on her laurels and assuming her faithfuls will continue to buy.
From the Will Trent series comes Fallen which details some of the back story of two of the main characters from the series.
As well as being a crime thriller the book is part of a series whereby the characters form a consistent's a bit like watching The Bill....on acid.
With a variety of backgrounds to the detectives and coroner the interest is sustained throughout as the inter-relationships build, dissipate and rebuild.
Will Trent has had a childhood no-one would envy although the full story is yet to come out. He also has dyslexia which he tries to hide in various ways. He's married, allbeit only technically so. Sara Linton is the coroner of the piece and Faith Mitchell the detective who just happens to be a single mother of an older child and a very young child.
The story opens with Faith returning home to relieve her own mother of babysitting duties to find the baby in the garage, her mother missing and, later on, her mother's finger under her pillow.
Tautly written the story speeds through the whys and wherefores of the disappearance, introducing us along the way to an ex police photographer who conveniently lives next door.... The Bill, on acid, with Neighbours.
It's an advantage with these books to have read the preceding ones, if only to place some of the relationships. That doesn't mean Fallen couldn't stand alone. It could.
It's an ideal crime thriller of the popular crime thriller nature, it doesn't require as much concentration as some and provides a whole heap of entertainment.
It's clear at the end that there's more to come of the individuals even if this particular crime has been solved, not neatly, but solved.

As note the dedication reads
"To all the librarians in the world on behalf of all the kids y'all helped grow up to be writers"

As usual, the decider- would I buy another book by this author?
See a more recent review-I didn't even wait for the paperback.

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