Thursday, 16 August 2012

Criminal Karin Slaughter

From the doyenne of crime fiction comes the latest in the Will Trent series. This has got to be the soap opera series of crime fiction. Lots of people from malfunctioning backgrounds and lots of interchangeable relationships.
Great characters in the series include Will who has dyslexia, carefully hidden, his wife who is the product of the US "care" system and their colleagues and families. With a fair proportion of the book set in the 1970's it's also great for setting the scene, giving examples of socioeconomic issues of the time.
This is the one that tells the background of the mothers in the series. It's a great read and still leaves it open for the characters to continue- good news for us.
Here Will revisits the past uncovering secrets he couldn't even have imagined while trying to solve a crime and we get to learn more about his mentor through his police career as well as his wife and family.
Carefully interweaving the characters the story builds to a climax with surpises all around and a great one liner ending.

The acknowledgements are also worth a read, maybe a day later to enjoy the end of the story. Here is an author who cares enough about the library systems both in the US and UK to put her money where her mouth is. Long may she reign.

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