Sunday, 24 June 2012

Flipnosis Kevin Dutton

Most generously given to SlackSpace Colchester to distribute on their World Book Night event earlier in 2012.
As a science book it is great, it's accessible for those of us who flunked science early on.
Dealing with the art of persuasion particularly split second persuasion the book gives working examples, anecdotes and varied examples of how easily we can all be influenced even by such simple things as eyebrows.
With statistical data to back up the ideas put forward and a Research Fellow as the author the book itself is an illustration of it's subject. It's certainly persuasive.
It's one for an entire read through and then one to check back on a bit at a time.

I'm now waiting until I see the local homeless trying out some of the scams inside the book. I, for one, will give them some money if they do try to influence me in such a subtle and skillful way!

The decider-would I read another by the same author? Yes I think so and if I didn't I dare say he'd find a way to change mind, maybe even by simply changing the cover design :)

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