Saturday, 2 June 2012

Teenage Colchester

Just what is on offer for a teenager in Colchester on a Saturday?

This is one that doesn't know either the area or anyone in it so has no choice but to tag along. Possibly the best kind of teenager, no arguments but equally no idea.

So we'll start off with a quick trip to Wivenhoe for a wander around a really vibrant community Art on the railings event. The teenager is not artistic but still is enthralled with the art, the music, the mass of people packed into such a small space. I leave with emptier pockets, the church has slightly fuller coffers. It's also a novel experience to see the quirky houses far removed from her home environment. I end up with a hardback copy of Calum's Road, a place I visited last month in a vw campervan. Off to the Hythe where they're celebrating their community centre with an activity day, mini olympics, hospital radio and a diabetes bric a brac stand. Again a group of people having fun for pennies.

Then it's time for my treat. Something I want to play with. Thank you Minories for making it possible for me to hand you £2 to look after while I borrow your key to the Camera Obscura.

A magical piece of equipment created by Jackie Mellor that I dived into followed by a very bemused teenager. The fascination with the science cut right through the ennui evidenced so far in Colchester town centre. To any or all councillors who have received Jubilee fund money, this is what you want. And come to that just how much of an alteration to Jumbo would it take? Simplistic entertainment - a legacy alongside zoos from the Victorians that has yet to be outclassed by any playstation, xbox or wii experience.

Colchester sometimes you just rock!

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