Monday, 10 December 2012

Freeman - Leonard Potts Jr

Came to me via a Twitter recommendation.

The story of a slave just at the point of liberation and the differing attitudes of north and south America.

Some of the most fascinating aspects were the people's confusion over their actual status now that they weren't slaves any more. What did they do? Some had the way of life so ingrained that it was now impossible to remember freedom, some had never had freedom, some now had the freedom to lose their minds.

Add in to the story a white woman with enough money and determination to do good by providing a school for coloureds and a couple separated by slavery and you have a well written, thought provoking tale from someone little known in the UK.

Would I buy another? Probably not, not because of the author but because his other titles don't appeal.

Rider- Several months after I finished reading this book a circumstance in the street gave me cause to remember a paragraph from the book. Sign of a good book.

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