Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blue Monday - Nicci French

Psychotherapist Frieda Klein is introduced in the first of a series with a client who is confused by his dreams, a child abducted 22 years ago and a recent child abduction in a book that has the makings of a tense thriller.
Working alongside the police although at times randomly and worryingly independently Frieda seems to have hit the lucky intuition branch on the way down. Taking a long 100 pages to really get started the book then races away with an incredible amount of fortuitous circumstances and a particularly useless policeman as the token officialdom. It's not hard to guess some of it but there is a final twist-a completely unresolved final twist.
A good read but seems a bit of a lazy story. Almost as though it's part of a production line of books.
Would I read another? Possibly an earlier one that established the name and created the popularity. Not in a rush to read the next Frieda Klein.
Publisher - Penguin Books Ltd

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