Monday, 10 December 2012

We bought a zoo - Benjamin Mee

Since I was at Dartmoor Zoo and this is one of a very few adult books available for sale. But they have hundreds of this book! A shame because at a venue like this I would usually spend at least £20 on non-fiction books.

Since becoming a film it's been pretty well known that Benjamin Mee and his family took a wild leap in the dark to purchase a run down zoo. Partway through the purchase of the zoo Benjamin and his wife discovered that she had a terminal illness. Although this is a part of the period of time covered in the book it does not overpower it at all.

Different tales of the animals, their temperaments and their escapes make this a quick read for a journey. The learning process as Benjamin came to grips with the scale of the enterprise adds to the appeal of the book. A light entertainment book. Well done to the Mee family, the zoo is great and one of the favourites was the black cat!

Would I buy another? Probably not, been there, done that

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