Friday, 28 March 2014

Keep your friends close - Paula Daly

Following a quiet success with What kind of a mother are you? is Paula Daly's latest outing into the world of thrillers.
This one's better.
Natty has been married forever it seems and has got to the stage of marriage where everything is work and she's the one keeping all the balls in the air.
So her husband is ripe for the picking.
When her long standing best friend, Eve, arrives she's only pleased to see her and catch up on her news. Since Natty owns a hotel her friend is able to simply stay over when Natty's youngest daughter is taken ill on a school trip to France.
Sean, Natty's  husband is beside himself being left behind when Natty takes the last place on a flight to France so Natty is relieved to leave her family in Eve's capable hands. Quite literally in Sean's case.
When she gets home it's to an unrecognisable Sean who claims to be in love with Eve despite having only been in a relationship with her for a matter of days.
So far, so relatively simple.
But is Eve everything she appears to be to everyone?
The book raises the question of just how much do you know about people supposedly close to you?
If you don't see them for years and they say they've passed high level exams do you have any reason to disbelieve them?
Been married and divorced?
Their mother has died?
How would you react if maybe some of it wasn't true? And if you were the only one that knew? Would you be paranoid or enlightened?
So much in life we take for granted and Paula Daly flips all this on it's head.
And then slam dunks the finale home.
Brilliant ending. If you're one of those people who reads the last page to see if you'll like the book, don't. Just don't.

Publisher - Bantam Press

Freda's Voice Friday 56
"Eve's not being a bossy-wife substitute is she?" I say, laughing"


  1. Sounds like Eve's not one to be messed with... lol

    Happy weekend!

  2. Great quote for the Friday 56!

    Thanks for the heads-up because my daughter always reads the ending of books first. If she doesn't like it, then she won't read the book!

    Very good title for they book, too. It sounds good! Thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday!