Friday, 21 March 2014

The book of you - Claire Kendal

My pick for this year's surprise crime thriller.
A young girl is stalked but at the same time she's a jury member. She's keeping a diary of everything her stalker does and trying to get enough evidence together to go to the police.
What constitutes enough?
Would you know?
What's a paranoid reaction and what's a real event? Whose perspective would you use to decide?
There's a nice guy on the jury with her but current events cloud her judgement completely.
Running through the book are the day to day events alongside her diary entries and the trial taking place.
It's a good book but I'm not sure about the ending, it seemed weirdly contrived and let down the rest of the story.
That said it's a great new writer and I would happily read the next book.

Page 56
"at least I know she's safe.........You've got what you wanted. You've got as much of me as she can give you"

Freda's Voice Friday 56

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