Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Bear - Claire Cameron

Publisher Harvill Secker February 2014
A while ago there was an isolated incident of a bear killing two campers. It wasn't necessarily hungry or in danger and no distinct explanation could be found for it's actions.
Claire Cameron has taken this story and added a 'what if'.
What if there had been children with the two adults?
Taking this premise the reader is encouraged to live alongside the oldest child as the attack is underway and subsequently.
Although the tale could be told gruesomely Cameron has utilised the naivity of the child's brain to create an alternative, bearable (excuse the pun) reality, in doing so she has created a more heartbreaking story than the blood and gore actuality.
A truly remarkable read from an author to watch.

Page 56 for Freda's Voice

Stick is pretty funny and also still like a baby a lot of the time so you can't ask him to do hard things and then get mad because he forgets or wanders off or doesn't. Stick is like having an extra bag. Except a bag sits still and holds clothes. This bag is wet and eating all the cookies and showing me he has some when I have none.


  1. I added this to my TBR list a few weeks ago. Sounds good!

    1. If you don't have a copy let me know and I'll post this one. It's now become a bookcrossing book so it won't cost you anything, you just need tp pass it onsomewhere when you've read it.

  2. What a name... Stick. Sounds like quite a character too.

    Happy weekend!

  3. LOL I agree with what Freda said. It sounds like an interesting book, and the Friday 56 certainly has my attention with the character's name!

    Thanks so much for linking-up to Literary Friday!

    Ricki Jill