Monday, 6 May 2013

A land more kind than home _ Wiley Cash

A score for the Doubleday stable.
Set in a highly religious area of America the book sets the scene of unquestioning religion perfectly. The accents and language are reminiscent of Kingsolver and one of the main reasons I would love to visit this region. Are people really like this? Do they talk like this? I'd love to find out.
In a small town the church is overseen by a pastor who has a colourful past not including much religion and a very persuasive manner. He's already both adored and distrusted by members of his community. One lady takes to minding the children while service takes place to keep them away from his church. Stump is a young boy who is mute. Much loved by his parents he is taken to church one day by his mother to be cured by the pastor.The curing goes wrong and the book explains the attitudes of the various townspeople to the accident.
Very, very well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

Publisher - Doubleday

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