Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Where there's smoke - Simon Beckett

An early Simon Beckett with a very unusual premise.
Single woman Kate wants a baby and seeks a donor. That's pretty much how the classified ad runs.
Just how good a judge of character is she though when it comes to the potential father of her child?
She wants a baby with no complications and doesn't know any men that could fit the bill.
After an initially disappointing response to the advert up steps Alex Turner, suitably polite, suitably educated and happy to get to know her on a platonic basis before providing the necessary samples.
But life's not that simple and Kate finds herself more and more attracted to the person rather than the donor.
And then again, Simon Beckett is not that simple either so this is unlikely to be flukily the partnership made in heaven.
With an angry ex-boyfriend lurking in the sidelines nothing is easy but there's another level as well as these two- I'll leave you to discover a clever thriller writer with just enough pace to maintain the suspense. Classic thriller from Beckett.
Publisher - Coronet

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