Monday, 6 May 2013

The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom

As a lover of Albom's books this was a must have for me and that fact is acknowledged at the back of the book in the thank yous to 'faithful readers, the ones who picked up this book without even asking what it was about'
Unsurprisingly it's about time and how we use it, waste it, wish it away and wish it back.
Starting pre time with a curious person tracking the moon and with the story hopping backwards and forwards in time this is Albom using his creative brain best.
Scenarios include teenage life and the end of life all intertwined with Father Time as popular conception alongside a watchmaker in current time.
As always with Albom there's a touch of the religious but the overriding feel is that of Aesop and a modern fable.
Does not disappoint.

Publisher - Sphere

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