Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lock Down - Sean Black

Lurking on my bookshelf for a fair while this is an action thriller of the Die Hard variety.
A researcher's son is kidnapped shortly after he hands in his notice at the animal testing facility where he works. Is it the fault of the activists? They're definitely available to be accused. Add in a shooting of an activist and life gets interesting.
Enter Ryan Lock, ex-services and now a bodyguard. Using his forces acumen he deduces that the shot could not have been from an amateur.
Thus begins a race to find the child and the sniper.
The book has some surprises, the main one being that the mystery is apparently solved about halfway through and then it's not. There's still a shoot out to be had.
If you like action thrillers then it's pretty good, it's quite easy to see as a film.
Enjoyable rollercoaster.
Publisher - Bantam

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