Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chosen - Lesley Glaister

Every so often someone comes up with a new for the moment premise. This time it's Lesley Glaister with a
book taking in the slow, steady effect of a religious cult on a family.
With a large enough family being affected to hold the interest and also allow for various members to be affected in different ways this gives an insight on how such cults could potentially manipulate vulnerable people.
Even those who don't think they are particularly vulnerable.
Criss crossing the UK and venturing over to the US the rise of influence of the cult is insidious.
Through their teenage years Stella and her sister step around the edges of the cult with the occasional foray into the centre, drawing attention from the cult leader. Or, as he is then, the local hobo.
As well as the influence on people around the cult the book shows how one person can convince themselves that they are the leader.
A disturbing novel reaching across the generations this is a little bit of knowledge that will hopefully have a large amount of reach.
Well worth a read from a publisher that hadn't before now made an impression on my consciousness.

Publisher - Tindal Street Press

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