Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Close to the bone - Stuart MacBride

Popular crime fiction from a Scottish master.
Logan McRae is back to cause us to think, who would the actor be? My money's on Philip Glaister as he was in Life on Mars, not as he is in real life. That's the face I picture when I read - who do you picture?
He's out in the sticks with a caravan for a home and decidedly apathetic about his own life.
By day he's interacting with local crime lords and colleagues, by night he almost deflates. Brilliantly written to let the reader know the character as well as crafting a fantastic crime story this is MacBride at his best.
This time there's a new character, an eager to succeed, step on everybody on the way up type of Detective Sergeant who has very little to like about her. So ambitious she's just funny.
There are teenage lovers, drugs barons, immigrants and the usual police characters to contend with.
And some bones.
Worth reading MacBride in order, but this is a good one.
A book that illustrates the value of writing as entertainment. Have a think,
1 magazine £1-£5 maybe an hours reading if you read really slowly
1 DVD £10 ish 2-3 hours in front of the telly
A cinema ticket £6? another couple of hours
At even hardback price of £16.99 this is value for money. And you get to share it when you've finished!

Publisher - Harper Collins

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