Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The London Scene - Virginia Woolf

I admit to loving London. I was lucky enough to live close by when growing up and am still within an
extortionate Greater Anglia railfare even now.
So this one had to appeal.
6 essays from the 1930's ranging from the docks to the Commons to Oxford Street the essays give a glimpse into the views of the time.
Concerns about the fragility of the new buildings set against the new retail environment and the desires of the populace to have new things. Interesting to hear of concerns back then that mirror our own nowadays with cardboard houses popping up around our towns.
The descriptions sit neatly against the buildings that are, in some cases, still in existence.
With a Portrait of a Londoner showing us the inside of London Society and a soiree of intellectuals and Great Men's Houses describing the way of life of the times this is a mini treasure.

Publisher - Snow Books

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