Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay

It's an American book so I'll use an American term.
This book totally achieved slam dunk.
It took me on a journey through a relationship, the highs, the lows, the tears and the laughter.
In this case I do mean cry and laughing was genuinely out loud. Not an easy achievement.
Nastya is a girl with a background which has caused her to leave her family home and recreate herself as a Goth. Not the greatest look to choose to blend into a new school with. Add to the look elective mutism and she's sure to draw attention.
She's a hard faced girl with a very damaged centre and no real home support living with an aunt working shifts.
Crossing the playground she becomes aware of another loner. Josh has a tough background as well and the other teenagers tend to steer clear, not because he's particularly dangerous, simply because they know his story and are uncomfortable with it and unsure of how to treat him.
One incident in the playground sees him defend Nastya and gradually she comes to accept him, turning up at his garage to watch him work but still not speaking.
As the relationship evolves we're treated to the angst of a young male, the trials of being an unusual but attractive girl, wanted by the boys and ignored or tormented by the girls.
It's a love story, a growing up story, a hard story and a magnificent story.
Very worth reading at any age. Knocks One Day and PS I Love You out of the water.
Credit also to the cover designers, optical illusion is going to be the new vogue in jackets.

Publisher - Atria

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