Monday, 26 August 2013

Among the hoods - Harriet Sergeant

A hugely important book written in a plain manner to enable the reader to judge. Unfortunately unlikely to be
read by the people who need to read it.
Harriet Sergeant spent a number of years interacting with a gang in London getting to know it's members.
During this time she heard their stories, hoped with them and despaired with them.
Whilst in no way condoning their actions she was able to see just why they may act as they do and shares her discoveries with the reader.
Any violence is stated in a matter of fact way but the shocks throughout the read do not relate to the violence, rather they relate to the circumstances which these young people find themselves in and their stifled attempts to break out of their particular system.
There is a situation in the book to disturb every reader.
The downsides:
It's a personal book and therefore relates to Harriet Sergeant's attempts to assist. 
There is no suggestion of any way to help. But then that is the issue.
At £9.99 for a skinny read it's quite expensive but for educational value it is extremely cheap.

Publisher - Faber & Faber

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