Monday, 26 August 2013

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Camille is a reporter in Chicago feeling as though she is tolerated at work and never going to be good. She's
from an old money background and is striking out on her own in a new town.
Having not been home for a while she's underimpressed when her boss assigns her to a story there.
One young girl is missing and another has been murdered. Since Camille's sister died early in life the whole set up is not something she's looking forward to.
Returning home to her mother, stepfather and stepsister is daunting and she's surprised to see her room has not been changed since she left. She's still not the favourite, that honour goes to her stepsister, Amma, who she doesn't know at all.
Arriving back she gets acquainted with the only other stranger in the hick town who just happens to be investigating the murder.
It's not long before the second girl is found and a local boy is placed under suspicion by the other townspeople.
The book has small town pettiness, mental illness, family dynamics, murder and Gillian Flynn is the author.
In it's way it's better than Gone Girl

Publisher - Three Rivers Press

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