Monday, 26 August 2013

The Humans - Matt Haig

When a maths professor solves an important problem an extra-terrestrial population is worried humanity may
be getting a touch too close.
So they dispose of the professor and send one of their own to inhabit his body and his life.
There follows a crash course in how to be a human and how to relate to a family. With no point of reference to draw upon this proves entertaining. All emotions must be learned and all conversations practised. Why do humans have conversations that mean nothing or alternatively mean the opposite of the words spoken?
Tasked to destroy any human who is aware of the problem solving the imposter has to get to know colleagues as well as family.
Slapstick funny interludes along the way.
This is an interesting take on how life would be lived without protocol, amusing in places.

Publisher - Canongate

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