Monday, 26 August 2013

This is how it ends - Kathleen McMahon

I'm not quite sure why I got this one. To me it fits into the women's fiction bracket-not quite chick lit but it's not one you'd expect your husband to read.
Bruno loses his banking job in the US in the firstdays of the banking crisis and decides to take his chance to discover his ancestry. So it's off to Ireland.
Hugh is the contacthe knows of and he's an awkward older man who doesn't want to know Bruno.
Hugh's daughter, Addie, is an out of work architect. She's slightly more amenable initially and gradually gets to trust him.
There are family trials, secrets and revelations alongside a general medical council hearing for HUgh and a recent trauma for Addie.
Lots of reviews say it's great and heart rending.
For me it missed the mark and was more of an airport read.

Publisher - Sphere

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