Monday, 26 August 2013

The Knife Man - Wendy Moore

A biography of John Hunter, the founder of modern surgery.
Impressively researched this book still has an emminently readable quality appealing even to a reader with no
medical knowledge.
In an era of blood letting John Hunter impressed upon colleagues the need to opt for non-surgical care if at all possible. He worked in London and on the battlefield attached to the army trialling his ideas on patients who may or may not be aware that they were guinea pigs.
Meticulously documenting all of his cases and referring back to previous similar cases he was able to build persuasive arguments for or against his notions.
Ideas of such foward thinking nature were not always welcomed by his peers who were making a tidy fortune the old way. Not necessarily being paid by result.
Despite the gravity of the subject matter Wendy Moore manages to tell the story in the round, including his family and lifestyle to enable the reader to fully appreciate his character.

Publisher - Bantam

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