Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

Libby Day's family is mainly murdered around her when she is just 7 years of age. Her remaining sibling,
Ben, is jailed for the murders while she is passed from carer to carer getting more and more unmanageable and draining the compensation money awarded. Only her father doesn't care for her.
We meet her as the money is nearly gone and she receives a proposition from a group of people calling themselves 'Kill Club' and asking her to come along and be a special guest at one of their murder solving conferences.
Without having relived her experience to that point she is surprised and shocked that the group don't pity her and do think that her brother is innocent. She's stuck in a time in her mind when she was the poor innocent and is perturbed that the group see her as the adult she now is.
Encouraged by the group's payments she attempts to contact people around at the time of the crimes digging up old feelings, visiting prisons and travelling across the country to see her father in his very unusual living space. He's only interested in her for the mmoney he thinks she still has.
As we learn of her story we're also privy to the group's ideas about other crimes that they are interested in, both those the police know about and those that the group think that they have uncovered without anyone else being aware of them.
With two time spans running parallel this is an excellent crime thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Publisher - Phoenix Books

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