Saturday, 6 July 2013

Human Remains - Elizabeth Haynes

Following a launch party at which the masses descended I brought home the latest from Elizabeth Haynes.

This is one author where the question "Did you base the character on yourself?" should really not be asked. She has a knack for the strange minds of people.
The novel starts with a crime analyst wondering why so many people are being found dead in their houses.
We get to know the person 'responsible' for the deaths and follow him around as he befriends individuals. Alongside that story are the death reports of various people found in their homes.
The challenge is to relate the death reports to the peope you've been reading about and that the main player has been cultivating.
As it progresses the crime analyst herself becomes the sort of depressed person he may be interested in - but is he?
Oddly since reading this I've also read Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson and there's a short chapter there of a criminal who is very similar. And a quite famous crime author has brought out a similar book.
Elizabeth however is still true to her roots and has yet to get to churning out pop culture crime books so hers are more raw.
Well worth a read.

Publisher - Myriad

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