Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kings of the Earth - Jon Clinch

Three brothers who have been managing on their own in a very rough farm environment are the main
characters in the story.
They're the ones nobody wanted to be next to in the playground and the ones with the most space around them in a restaurant.
One has managed to do national service and one is what we would now term 'special needs'.
Despite their undesirability the local community cares for them in an unobtrusive manner.
When one brother is found dead in the bed the share it's a surprise in the town that another brother is considered as a suspect for killing his brother.
It's a great picture of the environment but it's written in a very jumpy manner going between people and times in very short bursts.
Add to that the fact that you get to the end of the book without the answers to some of the questions and this becomes a strange book. Worth a read for its descriptive skills but if you like a beginning, middle and neat ending then it's probably not for you.

Publisher - Random House
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