Monday, 29 July 2013

Ghost Milk - Iain Sinclair

I admit I like the east end of London. I'm also unimpressed by the olympic village and it's demise.
This helps when reading the book as Sinclair has clearly heavily researched the creation of the village and it's impact then and now on local amenities, environment and business.
However as he says in the book his previous book 'Hackney, that Rose Red Empire' sold mainly due to a great cover and to lovers of the east end.
That doesn't stop this one being reminiscent of a very long diatribe.
It has some useful insightful moments but they're few and far between for a book of 400+ pages.
To be fair it's not only about London, Sinclair does travel and introduces us to other cities trying to recover themselves from disruption.
I have a feeling I'd have enjoyed this is far fewer pages.
Off now to my relatives. In Wanstead.

Publisher - Hamish Hamilton

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