Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mind the child- Camila Batmanghelidjh

From a marvellous woman a book guaranteed to have at least one fact in it that you didn't already know.
It tells the back stories of several of the children and adults passing through and staying within the care of Kids Company in Camberwell.
Showing horribly the attitudes of the general public to the children and the damage inside the children's heads for a lifetime afterwards.
A very important book which should be read also by councils before deciding budgets.
A book with genuine heart.
Hopefully this has been published both as a part of the Penhuin Underground Lines series and independantly.
Since reading it I have seen a quote from the book carefully painted in enamel paint onto a ceramic tile and affixed discreetly to a wall outside embankment tube station.
Given the number of homeless that have always congregated there I wonder if the tile did originate 
at Kids Company, either directly or indirectly.
Either way I hope lots of people see it.

Publisher - Penguin

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