Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Untelling - Tayari Jones

Based in deep south America this is the tale of a girl down on her luck but still trying to keep her home
The Untelling - Tayari Jones

together. She works but only earns enough to just about make it work. So no flash clothes and no flash lifestyle and living in an environment you can only try and work your way out of.
She's not got a high opinion of herself and when she gets a boyfriend she really wants to keep hold of him. Whether or not he's a great catch. He's not a bad boy but there's nothing to write home about.
When she thinks she's pregnant it's a secret not to be shared. After a visit to the doctors however it's not as straightforward as pregnancy and she is left with how to deal with another possible life blow.
Written in Tayari Jones' easy style this is a poignant tale dealing with an issue that's rarely spoken about.
Not quite up there with her "Silver Sparrow" but still a good read.

Publisher - Warner Books (now Hachette)

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