Saturday, 6 July 2013

You're Next - Terry Green

Every so often I intersperse my reading with a nerd book and this is one of them. Lurking on a bookshelf
with the spine looking like a crime thriller it is reminiscent of it's author - blending into it's environment.
Which is something Terry Green does a fair bit of, watching how both customer and supplier deal with their queues.
Mainly based on retail environments the book does touch on the difference between those and healthcare queues, but only in passing.
He starts by introducing himself as the voice behind "cashier number 3 please" at the post office and then manages to write a whole book on queue management illustrating bottom line improvements should a business be inclined to care about customer satisfaction.
An interesting book with bits and pieces that could be applied to a business with no queues at all.
My final impression? a small bookseller in Inverness has got it right and BHS need to read it!

Publisher - Marshall Cavendish Business

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