Sunday, 21 July 2013

Whitecross Street Party

Flier by Wreckage International
July 20th and 21st 2013

There's a Festival of Neighbourhood on the South Bank at the moment, there's also a little tiff about some skateboarding facility.

The true Festival of Neighbourhood this weekend was in Islington.

An amazing street party with a real community vibe organised by St Luke's Trust
Lots of community literature on offer covering things like teaching
people how to cook cheaply, to EC1 Men's shed, a targeted job finding service, music for youths including "Suspicious B" on the decks and a great welcome to the street in the form of this local band.....and they are good.
A few photos to try and get across the atmosphere and at the very bottom a succinct history of the street itself.
Welcome just outside the school at the very entrance to the festival, gotta love the top hat flourish.

Up and dancing came into it.......

Despite the serious concentration in playing the drums....

A touch of local radio from Bramble FM, with free exercise thrown in for good measure and a colouring book doing the rounds for the adults to colour a page each while they relaxed...

 But this is a festival celebrating art, particularly street art. A taster, and at the bottom the street's origins in concise terms that twitter would be proud of.  


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