Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Gamal - Ciaran Collins

The first thing to note is the style of writing. It takes some getting used to as you read through and is
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interspersed with Gaelic.
The Gamal of the title is a boy who is treated as mentally deficient although his own telling of the story indicates otherwise.
He adores Sinead but she only has eyes for James.
As an attractive young girl Sinead draws attention but doesn't respond, provoking local boys to try and make sure they're noticed.
All the while in the background the Gamal is relating different incidents. Parallel to this are extracts from a court case and diary notes of his visit to the psychiatrist.
The court case is gradually revealed with the resolution not becoming apparent until close to the end.
Very cleverly written even if it takes some determination to get into the swing of it.
Leaves a lasting impression.

Publisher - Bloomsbury Circus

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