Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Belmont Cinema - Aberdeen

New Year's Day, grey, Aberdeen and Life of Pi is showing in this independent cinema. It's one I already knew of because it also boasts a bookcrossing zone in it's cafe bar in the basement.
Nevertheless it's not often you ask for tickets and an enquiry is made of you as to whether or not you have to pay. Free cinema? Apparently if you buy membership at £32 for an individual you get 3 free tickets. A closer listen to a south coast accent persuaded the ticket office that it was unlikely we were members. Full price then but not until 2 pensioner ladies next to us had got free tickets and discounts on their drinks and sweets.
Consolation prize for us? "Help yourself to a film poster" We did.
Onwards into the very empty cinema (this was after all the day after Hogmanay) and we are faced with armchair sized comfortable seating, all very swish.
Several film trailers later and Life of Pi started in 2d. Brilliant representation of the book and an excellent friendly experience all round in Aberdeen.
Note to PictureHouses - In Colchester we have this...
it needs buying and it would be great if you fancied a little shift south...:)

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