Thursday, 31 January 2013

Burning Air - Erin Kelly

As a family including a private school teacher, a magistrate and the perfect children the MacBrides should have a comfortable life.
And on the surface they nearly do. But every family has its secrets and this one is no exception. The secret however has affected another family and one member of that family has no intention of forgetting. Revenge is much more likely.
Having made, or helped to make, a decision which was to affect the rest of Darcy Kellaways life Mr Macbride is unaware of the actual impact of his decision.
Written in several voices starting with Lydia, the mother, the reader is led backwards and forwards through the history, learning from various angles the effect or lack of knowledge each character has been subjected to as a result of one decision.
While the MacBrides wait for the arrival of a new baby at the same time as it's grandmother is dying Darcy is scheming his revenge.
As a psychological thriller this is an excellent read with surprises throughout the book and a twist right at the end.
It seems an illustration of a damaged mind more so than a genetically warped one and the despair and frustration suffered by Darcy come across well. The small triumphs as his plan comes together are exactly that, very small, but in his mind they play a major part towards his ultimate revenge.
Just how far would a family member go to protect a family member, to try to please a member or even just to try and be what a parent wanted?
One of those books you pick up and put down only when it's finished.

Publisher – Hodder & Stoughton

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