Friday, 25 January 2013

The Silence - Alison Bruce

A second outing with Alison Bruce following The Siren.
Again it's a DC Gary Goodhew crime thriller. This time there are a series of deaths with accident and suicide amongst them going back a period of years.
For me Alison Bruce stands out because of her cutting wit. I get the feel reading some of the lines that she would make a pretty good stand up comedienne as well as being an excellent author.
Llewellyn-Bowes at his best would not be able to describe settings as accurately as Bruce and with him we usually have the advantage of being able to see the setting.
Add to that a complete awareness of characters and the whole thriller comes together near perfectly. Portrayal of an early victim gives a very clear picture of desperation.
The only group of characters without comparable substance for me were the potential victims. They just didn't come across as vividly as other players.
Subtle dynamics between the junior PC Gully, Goodhew's boss DI Marks, colleague Kincaide and Goodhew give added dimension to the book with very different relationships between each two people.
Kincaide is a character desperate to succeed and aware of his own failings. He covers this with blustering arrogance. It would be great to see his character a bit more in one of the next books.
At £18.99 for the hardback this was an expensive read but I got my pennies worth.
Would I buy another? Yes

Publisher - Constable

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