Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Grey Souls - Philippe Claudel

Following reading Monsieur Linh and his child it was an immediate trip out to buy another Claudel.
This one is written in the same spare way and is an especially thin paperback.
Similarly again it packs a punch at the end.
Based in France during the first world war it is set in a village close to the front. Within hearing distance of the fighting but with a population mainly exempt from call up through their occupations the village is privileged. It's also the first port of call for injured soldiers on their way back to hospitals.
After a young girl is killed the police, prosecutors and village people are keen to find the culprit quickly. Possibly the wrong culprit? The interrogation is brutal but there is no gratuitous violence in the book. Several story lines thread through including that of the prosecutor and the policeman adding their own harsh reality.

Another beautifully written book from Claudel leaving me looking forward to the next.

Publisher – Phoenix

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