Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Siren - Alison Bruce

I like DC Gary Goodhew. At last a police character that's not a divorced drunk with estranged children. But he does have quirks- a love of vintage films, a tendency to meditate and a bit of a feminine side. Add to that a large dose of sensitivity and you have a person most mums would love. And most daughters too once they'd got past the bad boy stage.
In this crime thriller we are first introduced to a couple, their friend and her son and very shortly after to the friend's ex-boyfriend who has locked in syndrome.
The cast of the book is extensive and characters re-appear chapters after they've first been introduced in a very passing way. You do need to keep track of the bit players.
Following a fire at the couple's house while they are babysitting the young son the child is nowhere to be found. Neither is the husband. But that would be too simple. So it's time for DC Goodhew to step in with his new permanently blushing female sidekick PC Gully and his colleague Kincaid.
There's a mystery to be solved
Part of the entertainment with this novel is the diversity of the characters-from miserable failure police officers to successful social workers (I'm sure I once knew the DC who hunches over the steering wheel only that one huffed as well). Great tongue in cheek humour.
There's an element of normal people, criminal underclass, police and press all with believable storylines. Steadily paced for the first three quarters and then romps home in an unexpected way.
Would I buy another? Yes- I missed my bus stop with this one!

Publisher – Constable and Robinson

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