Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Choked - Tania Carver

Tania Carver aka Martyn Waites shifts the focus away from Colchester in the latest Esposito crime thriller allowing readers a new view of the Essex coast and just touching into Ipswich. As a local this both detracts and adds to the enjoyment- I don't know as many of the places so I can concentrate more on the storyline. And the storyline has upped it's game as well. Much more twisty turny than the previous novels in the series. Esposito's child is taken and the race is on. It has an unusual concept with a released criminal being manipulated to try and clear his name. The criminal casts a sad character with a very sorry background which almost endears him to the reader. Overall this is a romping good read.
Would I buy another? Yes
Publisher Little Brown

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