Monday, 7 January 2013

The Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer

Is Jeffrey Archer a guilty secret? He is definitely a great story teller although his books do take very little time to read. The Sins of the Father is the second in the Clifton Chronicles of what looks to be 5 lined up. At the end of the last book our main character had stolen an identity only to find it was that of a murderer. In this book he ends up in prison....where he writes a diary....which is published...sounding familiar? Fortunately this part of the storyline doesn't overpower the rest of the story as we're led through 1939 in the UK, Tobruk and the US. Tongue in cheek humour is to be had as well providing added entertainment. Again the book ends on a cliff hanger ready for part three which I understand is to be published in early 2013.
Jeffrey Archer writes the sort of books that take only lightly longer to read than a decent sized magazine so on my value for money scale they're quite low. I will be reading the next one but again when it makes it to paperback.
Would I buy another? When I next take a train journey
Publisher – Pan MacMillan

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