Monday, 21 January 2013

Tales from the Mall - Ewan Morrison

Is this my definitive non fiction book for 2013?
Ewan Morrison leads us through the ideaology and intentions of the shopping mall.
With angles from location, people, layout, materials and planning policy this is an in depth book that reads easily for the subject matter.
Lots of researched anecdotal stories make it entertaining and mean that as much as we all had some idea of the tricks employed to keep us shopping you're bound to learn something you didn't already know.
Why are malls so shiny? Why are the restaurants where they are? Why do they serve the food they do? And why are employees shifts organised as they are?
We get an idea of the damage done by malls and the statistics of the numbers closing.
My favourite story relates to an old lady revisiting and trying to have her sandwich and flask of tea. Are you allowed to drink from your own flask in a mall?
The book covers mainly the UK and US so there's a good chance you'll be able to relate it directly to a place you know.
Highly recommended to make you think twice while shopping....especially when queuing to pay...
Would I buy another? Yes

Publisher - Cargo

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