Wednesday, 23 January 2013

H K Cafe - Aberdeen

In the glory that is the Aberdeen Indoor Market hidden behind a narrow door off Union Street is the HK Cafe. When I went the few tables were mainly occupied by Chinese people, something I usually hope means the food is good.
Helpfully the menu is in both written and picture form with the pictures being the more accurate of the two :)
My trip to Aberdeen was at Hogmanay so it wasn't too long before one of the customers came over clutching her (Japanese) mobile and asking for the correct spelling. And then she came back. Apparently I couldn't spell Hogmanay as her phone did not recognise the word. With it written on my serviette she took herself, the phone and the serviette back and decided to trust me on the spelling. Maybe one day Nokia will do Scottish phones?
Over to food and it's a good as expected served with a bucket of coffee, at minimal cost and piles of it. Don't make the mistake of thinking you need a side order- you don't.
Nestled in amongst a great butcher, a second hand furniture store, a jeweller and a piercing/tattoo parlour amongst others this is well worth. a visit

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