Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stonemouth - Iain Banks

Having just got back from a place very, very similar to Stonemouth called Stonehaven close to Aberdeen this was tempting. And then someone gave it to me.
It was my first Iain Banks novel. Not my last.
It is an unusual tale of a lovestruck exile from Scotland who returns for a local gangsters funeral. The love of his life is the precious daughter of the gangster family and they're not best pleased to see him.
The reader meets the schoolfriends, the family, the gangsters and the local policeman. Throughout the book there is a feel of the slapstick and definitely some 'snerk' moments best kept for when you're not on the bus!
Parallel to today's storyline runs the history behind it, the schoolfriends growing up years and escapades and what went wrong in the love story.
Excellent fun book. Surprising with the number of references to Apple, Iphone that they're not the publishers – and now they get even more publicity.
Recommended for a change from the norm.

Publisher - Abacus

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